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Lice Removal Guarantee

Lice Free Noggins Lice Removal gladly offers a 14-day guarantee on all of our lice removal services.
For the guarantee to be valid, we require:

  1. All household members (babysitters included) must be screened for head lice by a Lice Free Noggins technician.
  2. Individuals who show evidence of head lice must be treated on the same day by a Lice Free Noggins technician.
  3. If the affected individual resides in two households, all individuals must be checked and treated within 24 hours. No exceptions.
  4. All After-Care instructions, which will be provided by your technician, must be followed.

We ask that if you discover any evidence of head lice after following all after care instructions, you save it, either in a zip lock bag or under clear tape, and present it to one of our head lice technicians. Signs of head lice must be present in order for the guarantee to be granted.

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