Anonymous Head Lice Notification

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Anonymous Head Lice Notification

Use the form below to anonymously send a notification to friends, family, school or camp who may potentially come in contact with head lice.


This is a friendly notification to inform you that a friend/family member or a child in your school / camp has recently experienced a case of head lice. Due to the high infestation nature of head lice, it is advisable that all friends or family who have had recent contact with the individual or his or her belongings should be screened immediately and, if necessary, treated.

Head lice spreads rapidly among children through head-to-head contact and the sharing of personal belongings such as hairbrushes, pillows and plush toys. The first step is to screen your child for head lice.

Begin at home by examining your child’s hair for signs of lice (small bugs about the size and shape of a sesame seed). Look also for lice nits (eggs), which are small and yellow or whitish in color.

Nits attach to the shaft of the hair and will typically be seen near the scalp. Unlike dandruff or flakes, nits do not easily brush away. If a lice infestation is in process, you may notice your child scratching the scalp or complaining of itchiness.

If you suspect your child may have head lice but are uncertain, a professional screening should be conducted without delay. Even lice that cannot be seen can easily be passed to other family members. If lice or nits are found, a lice removal treatment should be scheduled immediately.

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– Lice Free Noggins

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