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Does Cold Weather Kill Lice?

Does cold weather kill head lice

According to CDC Lice Treatment Frequently Asked Questions,

Although freezing temperatures can kill head lice and nits, several days may be necessary depending on temperature and humidity; freezing is rarely (if ever) needed as a means for treating head lice. (Source: CDC)

Head lice are not afraid of the cold weather outside. Parents sometimes assume that head lice are dormant in the cold weather that comes along with winter. After all, most common bugs are no where to be found when the temperatures drops to freezing. Unfortunately, head lice are somewhat oblivious to outdoor temperature. You can stand outside without a hat for hours and nothing will happen to the bugs in your hair. The reason for that is that the temperature of your head will sustain the lice and keep them alive. Head lice need the temperature of the human head and the blood inside to survive.

Fact is that if deprived of the warmth and blood of human heads, all lice will die within a day whether they are outside or inside the home thus lice stationed on a human head that is outside in the cold will be unaffected. If it were that easy to get rid of head lice, then lice would only exist in warm weather states and/or summer time. While we do see an increase of head lice in the summer months, that is attributable to kids playing together at summer camp and on play dates. It is the close proximity to each other that fosters the spread of lice from child to child to adult, etc. Nits (lice eggs) camouflage in the hair. Lice do not fly from head to head; they walk quickly. They are brown, not white. Once lice are in the hair, they lay eggs-up to 10 a day.

The challenge for most parents is that these nits (lice eggs) can be very small and difficult to find. The eggs camouflage in the hair and if left alone will hatch and produce more lice. If you see your child scratching their noggin, whether it is warm or freezing outside, grab a light and check for translucent eggs in the hair.

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LiceFreeNoggins makes house calls all year round, and with the arctic temperatures, it is especially nice not to have to bundle up to get treated for head lice. Who wants to get the kids dressed in their winter coats and boots, load them into the car, and drive the icy roads to get to a lice salon? You certainly don’t need to do that when there is a far more convenient option: LiceFreeNoggins is in-home professional lice treatment service. We come to you regardless of the weather, in an unmarked vehicle, to ensure ultimate privacy. Our technicians have the experience that it takes to find and eradicate lice and nits.

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