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We Have Head Lice! The Dos’ and Donts’ to Treating Head Lice

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So you just received the news that you or your child has head lice. Many parents panic and don’t take a moment to think this predicament through. They end up making wrong decisions leading them to a very stressful lice removal process, which it certainly doesn’t have to be.

Take a breath and remind yourself, this is a not a life or death situation. It is just head lice. Teeny tiny insects that are in no way harmful to ones life and do not cause any health issues. Just because they are indeed icky and cause one to be rather itchy, that doesn’t make them a serious threat. And just because this situation is certainly an inconvenience, doesn’t mean it have to consume you. So… Take a deep breath and say to yourself “I can deal with this”.

Next, forget what you have been preconditioned to believe about lice and how to get rid of them. Don’t waste too much time on extra laundry and cleaning your house. Yes, I am aware that mostly everywhere you read, it says to wash EVERYTHING and clean EVERYTHING but it’s really just a waste of time. I always recommend that families launder all their bedding, bag any stuffed toys for 3 days that are in their child’s bed and sanitize the brushes and hair accessories by picking all the hair off and placing into the freezer over night.

Additionally, not to waste even more time, and money, don’t run to the pharmacy to purchase lice treatments or shampoos because they simply don’t work. These head lice treatments can be rather harmful to you and your child. Most of my business comes from families who have first tried ridding lice with these permethrin-based products, which failed to work. Save your money and save your time.

You are better off doing a treatment on your own without these shampoos. Arm yourself with a few inexpensive tools, such as good lice comb, a good headlight, hair conditioner and some baking soda and comb and comb thoroughly until no signs of head lice remain. Repeat every night for the next two weeks to assure that the lice cycle has been broken. Remember, head lice only thrive on the head, so this is the only area you want to concentrate on.

Make sure that everyone in the household is checked for head lice. This is an important step, as you don’t want to spread lice back and forth between your loved ones.

If you need some advice on how to treat head lice on your own, feel free to contact Lice Free Noggins Lice Removal at 347-460-1669 for a free phone consultation.

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