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Head Lice – Prevention Strategies That Work

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Lice Free Noggins Lice Removal Services would like to remind families to equip themselves with lice prevention strategies. With lice season in full swing, there a high chance that children may be returning back to school with something they could share with their classmates – head lice.

School breaks are a booming time for head lice to spread, as many children tend to spend more time with playmates, which increases the chance for spreading lice. Combine this with the increase of resistant strains of lice, this could mean a rough winter for many parents, says Lena Gorelik, owner of Lice Free Noggins, a company specializing in head lice removal on Long Island.

There are more than 12 million reported cases of head lice in the US annually. Children aged 3-10 are the main target group as their sense of self-awareness and personal space is not as developed as older children. “When children play together, their heads often touch, creating a head-to-head bridge for head lice to transfer,” Lena said.

Although there is no way to guarantee head lice prevention, there are numerous way to limit a child’s exposure. Primarily, girl’s hair should be put up in a ponytail, braid, or bun whenever possible. Children should be taught that certain personal items should not be shared with friends and classmates such as hair accessories, hats, headphones, etc. A lice repellent is recommended on a daily basis. There are many great lice repellents on the market, and even recipes to make one using essential oils. Lice are deterred by the smell and tend chose a different available head to climb on to.

If you find your child complaining of an itchy head, or you see a live louse, Lena does not recommend using over the counter shampoos as they do more harm then good and are often times ineffective. Instead, one must equip themselves with a good nit comb, such as the Nit Terminator Comb and comb the hair meticulously until all lice and nits are removed. If done at home without professional help, it is advised to comb every other day for a minimum of 2 weeks. This will assure that the lice cycle has been broken.

If families need additional help, please contact Lice Free Noggins offers head lice removal treatment in Nassau County, Long Island as well as lice removal in Suffolk County, Long Island.

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