Head Lice Removal In Home Service vs. Lice Salon Service

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Head Lice Removal In Home Service vs. Lice Salon Service

Why go to a lice salon when the convenience of an in-home lice removal service is an option? There are many advantages to an in-home lice removal service compared to with a lice salon service.

  • Convenience: With an in-home lice treatment service, children can remain in their comfort zone and go on with their daily activities immediately after being checked for head lice and/or treated. Parents can use their valuable time at home to do the necessary cleaning and laundry. No time is being wasted on driving to a lice salon and waiting for one’s turn.
  • Confidentiality: In home lice removal services are always discreet. Our trained lice technicians come in an un-marked car. Although there is nothing wrong with having head lice – not everyone wants to be seen walking in or out of a lice salon. Having a treatment in the comforts of one home is as private as it can get.
  • Flexibility: An at-home lice removal treatment accommodates busy schedules. Our lice technicians are readily available and will accommodate appointments at any time. We have known to serve clients as early as 5 am and as late as midnight.
  • Comfort: Having head lice may be upsetting to a child and parent alike. The ability of being in the comforts of ones home makes the experience less stressful for everyone and less overwhelming for children.
  • Pricing: People often assume that an in-home lice service is much more expensive then going to a lice salon. Absolutely not true. Lice Free Noggins Lice Removal Services offer the lowest lice removal services in the area. We never charge a home-visit fee, evening fee or holiday fee. We always provide families with low, flat lice treatment rates.
  • Professional: Lice Free Noggins Lice Removal Service provides an exceptionally professional service. Our technicians come with all the tools necessary to treat a family for head lice in a quick and effective manner. Upon completing a treatment, the lice technician cleans the surrounding space used for treatment, leaving the area free from any possible nits and/or head lice.
  • Honesty: We will never take advantage of your wallet nor your panicked state-of-mind. Our pricing is very straightforward with no hidden fees. At most, we offer the same great lice removal tools and products, which we use for purchase, but never make one feel obligated to buy. Our lice specialists leave you feeling educated and empowered to treat future occurrences on your own.
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Lena from Lice Free Noggins is an efficient professional and a very nice person to deal with. She came to my house after just one phone call on the same day and made the whole process simple and calming. I value her services very highly and will turn to her again if need be as well as recommend her to my friends and family.

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If you want to be checked and/or treated for lice, Lice Free Noggins is the company to call. As this was our first and hopefully last experience with lice, I asked friends for advice and more than once was referred to Lice Free Noggins. I called after official business hours and was very patiently listened to by Lena who very calmly described the options available to me and my family. She put me at ease within minutes and I was even able to concentrate on making dinner after our call instead of freaking out over the possibility of having lice. I made an appointment for the next morning. Lena arrived exactly on time and got straight to work. After 3 hours of combing out my family’s hair, we were lice free! Lena went over detailed instructions on how to rid the rest of our home of lice and also how to best prevent us from getting lice again. I heartily recommend Lice Free Noggins and will only use them should these pesky bugs visit us again.

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I was very pleased with Lice Free Noggins. They returned my call immediately and sent Melaina quickly. She thoroughly checked the entire family and treated one child. She was efficient, personable and made the whole process seem less upsetting. I would highly recommend Lice Free Noggins.

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Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Lena was great, she made a terrible experience the best it could be. She was very responsive in setting up a time to meet, came the same day we called, was very knowledgeable, and had reasonable flat rate prices. She was at our house for hours! It was wonderful to have someone come to the house given my 6yr old is very active and the thought of bringing him somewhere, having his hair checked, and then his having to wait around while my long hair got checked was daunting. Lena was meticulous, gentle, reassuring, personable, and professional. I highly recommend her.

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Mill Basin

Lice Free Noggins is fantastic. This was our first experience with lice and after an unfriendly check at Licenders (and being told that everyone in the family had to be treated, even without evidence of lice on anyone else) we gave Lena a call. She was friendly and kind and was willing to come right away. Her rates are far more reasonable than any of the ‘lice salons’ that I called and she comes to you.

She wiped out the problem in less than two hours and my daughter didn’t cry or flinch once. I can not recommend Lena and Lice Free Noggins enough. While we hope never to have to deal with lice again, if we do, I would call Lice Free Noggins immediately.

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Lice Free Noggins saved my life!
This was my first time with lice, and I was pretty freaked out!
After doing quick but intense research to get this taken care of immediately, I called Lena and had the most pleasant conversation with her, AND she could come the same day! I was SOLD!
Lena came over and spent all the time necessary to treat my daughter’s massive curly head of hair, with no rush and great precision.
She then followed up on a daily basis with us, and came back 5 days later to make sure all lice had been eradicated, which they were!

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