Lice Treatment Process

  • Professional In Home Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Service

At Lice Free Noggins Lice Removal Service we understand the importance of using all-natural, pesticide-free, safe and effective lice removal products on our loved ones. After extensive research, we created a product, which does just that. The Lice Free Noggins Comb-Out Spray is a combination of an oil and enzyme, which together, act rapidly to dissolve and dehydrate nits and eradicate head lice. After thorough application, our highly trained technicians use the Lice Free Noggins Comb Out method to remove any remaining head lice and nits. The lice removal process can take 1-2 hours depending on the severity of infestation. After just one treatment, your family will be lice free.

Before We Arrive

  • Hair should be clean and detangled.
  • Do not apply any hair-styling products, including oils.
  • We strongly encourage all family members to be available for head lice checks (required for our Lice Free Noggins Guarantee).
  • While we will make every attempt to make your child as comfortable as possible, s/he will be sitting for an extended period of time (1.5-2hrs). We strongly encourage you to have their favorite book, toy, or video game handy.

What to Expect

Upon arrival, one of our skilled technicians will perform a thorough check for head lice. If nits/lice are detected, the technician will proceed to do a manual comb out, the safest and most effective method, using all natural products.

We will need a small area to work, inside or outside. We’ll bring everything necessary to get the job done, right down to the trash bags. The only thing we ask you to provide is access to a sink.

The lice and nit removal process typically takes 1.5-2 hours, but may take longer, depending on length of hair and degree of infestation. After the initial treatment, a follow up visit is recommended in 5-7 days for a visual inspection and to verify results. A follow up is required for the 100% Lice Free Noggins Guarantee (please see our guarantee policy).

We will provide a Lice Clearance Certificate for your child’s school upon request.

After Care

  • Collect all brushes, combs, and hair accessories in a zip lock bag, place in the freezer for 24 hours.
  • Wash all bedding and clothing used within the last 24 hours in hot water.
  • Items such as pillows, comforters,blankets, bathrobes, towels, jackets, hats, backpacks and stuffed animals should be placed in the dryer, on high setting, for 30 minutes.
  • Vacuum mattress, upholstered furniture, carpets and rugs.
  • Items which you prefer not to wash should be placed in a plastic bag for 1 week.
  • Child car seats should be vacuumed.
  • Place headphones and any other accessories used near the head in the freezer for 24 hours or a sealed plastic bag for 1 week.
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