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Super Lice? So What?! Who Cares!

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The topic of head lice has been very popular over the past few weeks. Everyone seems to be talking about ‘super lice’ – a strain of head lice, which are resistant to pyrethroid – a chemical found in most over-the-counter lice treatment products.

Should ‘super lice’ really be causing concern and frustration for parent’s countrywide? After all, lice, whether resistant to chemicals or not- they are still the same lice that have been crowned for ruining sleepovers for years.

The way I see it, any type of head lice, whether they are resistant to toxic chemicals or not, share one thing in common- they lay nits. Over the counter lice treatment products don’t kill nits. Actually, no lice removal product, toxic or natural, kills nits. Therefore, nit combing has to take place to assure a successful lice treatment. Does it make a huge difference if the lice are dead or alive when they are being combed out? Maybe to some, who have a bug phobia, but for the majority of the health-oriented population, combing out live lice would be preferential to dousing their child’s head with toxins- which in reality, only does part of the job anyway.

Rather then concerning oneself with whether their case of head lice is ‘super lice’, spend that energy on learning how to treat head lice, naturally and successfully. There are tons of DIY lice removal kits on the market that work great and don’t wreck havoc on one’s health. Equip yourself with a good nit comb such as the Nit Terminator Comb, take a few deep breaths, and comb on… no need to panic.

Don’t feel like taking on the battle to tackle head lice on your own? Then you might want to consider professional lice removal services. Lice Free Noggins offers lice removal in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau County, LI and NJ.

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