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how to tell difference between lice and dandruff

How to Spot the Difference Between Lice/Nits and Dandruff

Can dandruff be mistaken for lice? Lice and nits are very commonly confused with dandruff. Meanwhile, there is a very big difference. Lice is a short-term infestation while dandruff is a skin condition. Dandruff is a skin condition that makes skin shed to quickly. This causes those with dandruff to have a dry and itchy…

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lifecycle of lice and nits

Head Lice: How to Identify Head Lice and Nits

Every parent of young children should know how to identify head lice and nits (eggs). Why? Roughly 3-12 million Americans will get head lice this year. Will you be able to identify head lice if you or a family member gets lice? Identifying head lice can be tricky. In fact, you may not be able…

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