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Video Explores the Experience of Having Head Lice and Being a Head Louse

You may have heard this strange catchy song made famous by the Apple commercial, what you may not realize is that the song and the video explores the experience of having head lice and being a head louse. The video goes through the life cycle of head lice in a very creative way. The video…

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Does cold weather kill head lice

Does Cold Weather Kill Lice?

Head lice are not afraid of the cold weather outside. Parents sometimes assume that head lice are dormant in the cold weather that comes along with winter. After all, most common bugs are no where to be found when the temperatures drops to freezing. Unfortunately, head lice are somewhat oblivious to outdoor temperature. You can…

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NYC School Head Lice Policy Causing Heated Debates

Should children with head lice and or eggs (nits) be allowed to go to school? The topic is one facing school districts across the country. It is a hot topic among parents, many of whom have dealt with the growing problem of head lice with their children and or fear that their children will contract…

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mistakes when your child has head lice

8 Mistakes You Are Making When Your Child Has Head Lice

According to Center for Disease control We have put together a list of common mistakes parents make when their child has head lice. Mistake #1: Ignoring the Early Warning Signs of Head Lice Reality: If kids are scratching, go to the pediatrician, school nurse, or call a lice professional for a head lice check. If…

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Searching for That Perfect Halloween Costume Could Give You Head Lice

Scratching your noggin trying to find the perfect Halloween costume? It may be your costume that’s making you itch… from head lice. We usually see a jump in head lice this time of year. Although many people associate it with the start of the school year, the real cause could be even scarier – Halloween…

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5 Tips On How Not To Let Lice Ruin Summer Camp

With summer camp season just around the corner, we’re sharing 5 important tips for avoiding lice this summer. Being prepared for head lice in summer camp is as important as packing sunblock. But first, let’s start off with a few head lice facts: Head lice cannot hop or fly. They are spread by direct contact…

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25 Funny Tweets From Parents That Sum Up The Nightmare Of Lice Outbreaks

Head lice can get the best of any parent. If head lice outbreak affected you or your family, you are not alone, we put together a list of funny tweets from parents that sum up the nightmares of lice outbreaks and may leave you itching your head. Fortunately you don’t have to set your house…

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Parents Are Not Aware Kids’ Classmates Have Head Lice

Winter months are known for head lice because students bring winter accessories like hats and coats to school, yet some parents say they have not heard of many head lice cases this year, which leaves them scratching their heads as to why. In an effort to keep kids from missing school and shield children with…

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back to school back to lice

Back To School – Means Back to Lice: Tips For Preventing and Treating Head Lice

Head Lice and Back to School usually go hand in hand. Head lice exist year round, but the number of cases peak as kids return to school. When kids go back to school, so do nits. At the start of the school year, when kids return from summer camp, they have a higher risk of…

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lifecycle of lice and nits

Head Lice: How to Identify Head Lice and Nits

Every parent of young children should know how to identify head lice and nits (eggs). Why? Roughly 3-12 million Americans will get head lice this year. Will you be able to identify head lice if you or a family member gets lice? Identifying head lice can be tricky. In fact, you may not be able…

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