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Searching for That Perfect Halloween Costume Could Give You Head Lice

Scratching your noggin trying to find the perfect Halloween costume? It may be your costume that’s making you itch… from head lice. We usually see a jump in head lice this time of year. Although many people associate it with the start of the school year, the real cause could be even scarier – Halloween…

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Natural Solution For Head Lice Treatment and Lice Removal

We utilize an all natural/organic method, a safe solution for in home head lice removal. We DO NOT use chemicals or shampoos! Why Choose Lice Free Noggins Head Lice Removal Services? Unique Method – Our head lice removal method is non-toxic, natural, safe for all ages, quick, and effective. All of our lice treatment services…

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Natural Head Lice Removal Treatment and Nit Removal Service in NYC. Serving Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester, Long Island & New Jersey

Lice Free Noggins Head Lice Removal Service, is a professional In Home Lice Treatment and Lice Removal Service serving NYC, New Jersey and the Tri-State area offers a safe and effective head lice removal treatment for your entire family. We will eliminate your family’s head lice in just one visit. We always use products that…

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Natural Lice Removal

At Lice Free Noggins Lice Removal we understand the importance of using all-natural, pesticide-free, safe and effective lice removal products on our loved ones. After extensive research, we created a product, which does just that. The Lice Free Noggins Comb-Out Spray is a combination of an oil and enzyme, which together, act rapidly to dissolve…

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