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Professional Lice Removal – Not as Expensive as You Think

It’s a fact of life. If your children go to school or camp, they will almost certainly end up with at least one case of head lice over the years. Many people are frequently surprised to learn that a service such as head lice removal exists. We oftentimes hear, “I didn’t even know that such…

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Searching for That Perfect Halloween Costume Could Give You Head Lice

Scratching your noggin trying to find the perfect Halloween costume? It may be your costume that’s making you itch… from head lice. We usually see a jump in head lice this time of year. Although many people associate it with the start of the school year, the real cause could be even scarier – Halloween…

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Why Use a Professional Head Lice Removal Service?

Among the benefits of hiring a tech to provide professional head lice removal service in your home is one that isn’t often mentioned: that is, the calming presence of someone entirely focused on the job at hand. Children quite often become brave for the process of head lice and nit removal when a kind stranger…

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Professional In Home Lice Removal Services

Struggling with head lice? Having a hard time with lice removal? Lice Free Noggins Lice Removal Servcies has developed a unique lice removal method that works every single time! After treating over 2000 individuals for head lice, our success rate is 100%. Call us today for a free head lice consultation or to schedule an…

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Lice Removal Brooklyn NY – Head Lice Treatment Service

Professional lice removal service in Brooklyn, NY. Mobile in-home lice treatment service. All of our highly trained head Lice Treatment Specialists are experts when it comes to head lice treatment and nit removal. Our highly trained staff will not only end the cycle of head lice but also provide you with the education and hands…

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