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The Battle with Head Lice – Treat Head Lice Naturally with Lice Free Noggins

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Head lice – a topic no one wants to discuss yet one that is usually unavoidable for parents of school aged children. The little insects that crawl atop your child’s head when they come home from school or camp are creatures no one wants to deal with. They can cause severe itching and scratching as they occupy the heads of humans to feed on their scalps.

Most people believe that head lice jump and fly, however, contrary to popular belief, head lice spread only through crawling. Having direct contact with someone or something that is infested with lice is the only way to become infested oneself. Therefore, it is of great importance to teach children to avoid sharing items that can potentially spread head lice such as hats, combs, hair clips, dress-up play items, helmets, and the like.

Unfortunately, sometimes this task is easier said than done and head lice ends up becoming a reality for many. When this happens, it is important not to panic and consider all lice treatment options.

Many parents make a run to the local drugstore to purchase a bottle of over-the-counter lice treatment. Little do they know that most of these treatments will do little to conquer the lice problem. Besides being ineffective, the typical over-the-counter lice remedy can also be harmful.

According to recent studies, lice have evolved into super lice. By evolving, they have become resistant and unaffected by the pesticide-laden chemicals found in over-the-counter lice treatment products. In other words, no matter how many times a child is treated with one of these lice treatments, the infestation might still remain and continue to grow.

Additionally, most over-the-counter treatment products consist of harmful ingredients made of pesticides and neurotoxins. These chemicals, which are mostly ineffective at killing lice, get absorbed in the child’s head, potentially causing adverse reactions.

After failed attempts at treating head lice with over-the-counter products, many parents turn to professional head lice removal companies who can successfully treat an infestation in just one visit. Most professional lice treatment companies use an all-natural method to treating lice and are safe for the whole family. So why not skip the dangerous, chemical and pesticide full lice products and contact a professional lice service instead.

Lice Free Noggins Lice Removal Services, a lice treatment company in Brooklyn, NY, treats clients with natural products, which work quickly and are guaranteed to be effective.

Head lice affect all of us. It’s how we deal with it that separates us. Call us for a same day appointment 347-460-1669.

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