• Professional In Home Lice Treatment and Nit Removal Service

What is the quickest and most reliable method to get rid of head lice?

There are no shortcuts to treating head lice. The most effective lice removal treatment involves a thorough, meticulous combing, using a professional stainless steel nit comb and a non-toxic, pesticide-free product. Over the counter medications, such as Nix and Nix, contain harmful ingredients, such as permethrin, which are not only ineffective due to lice developing a resistance to the medication, but also do not kill nits (eggs). As a matter of fact, there is no product on the market which is strong enough (toxic enough) to penetrate through the shell of a nit. If not properly combed out, the remaining nits start to hatch shortly after and the infestation continues. This process leaves parents frustrated and confused and is usually when a lice professional gets called in. Our lice removal process guarantees to leave no nits behind. Our comb out process removes each and every viable nit and louse.

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