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We Have Head Lice – Sharing the News With Others

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Finding out that you or a child has lice might seem bad enough for many parents. Having to share the news with family members, friends, and schools often adds stress and anxiety to an already non-welcoming situation. However, letting others know plays an important role in nipping head lice in the butt and minimizing the chance of a re-occurrence.

Lice Free Noggins recommends the following steps when sharing news of head lice to others:

  • Primarily, be re-assured that telling others who may have been in contact with head lice is the right thing to do. This gives families an opportunity to screen their children and catch a case of head lice in the beginning stages, which is easier to treat. Allowing family members, friends, and the school know will minimize the chance of your child to be re-infested, as most likely, parents will do a lice inspection and treatment if necessary.
  • Be reassuring. Parents on the other line might start felling itchy as soon as they hear the word ‘lice’ and go into a panic. Feeling itchy upon hearing ‘head lice’ is frequently psychosomatic and does not signify a positive case.
  • Know the basics of head lice. Most informed families will do a head lice inspection, but wont always know what to look for. Explain what head lice and nits(eggs) look like. Learn more on how to identify head lice and nits.
  • Reassure others that although head lice might be a nuisance, however, they do not carry any disease.
  • Some will claim to be lice-free because they don’t itch. Inform others that itching as an allergic reaction to a bite and not everyone itches. Head lice are very contagious and if there was any chance for head to head contact, a thorough head lice check is highly recommended.
  • If, upon inspection, head lice or lice eggs (nits) are discovered, it is advisable to contact a professional head lice removal service like Lice Free Noggins to assure a successful head lice eradication.

If making that call is not an option for whichever reason, use our Anonymous Head Lice Notification Email Service. Always let others know if they have come in contact with an individual who has head lice – wouldn’t you want to know?

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