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Why Use a Professional Head Lice Removal Service?

professional head lice removal treatment service

Among the benefits of hiring a tech to provide professional head lice removal service in your home is one that isn’t often mentioned: that is, the calming presence of someone entirely focused on the job at hand. Children quite often become brave for the process of head lice and nit removal when a kind stranger is doing it. With reassuring words and even some singing, a tech can bring forth a child’s best effort to be brave. We check in with the child about their comfort with the combing, or the chair they’re sitting in, among other things. This really helps to build trust and willingness to cooperate with the process. Children at 3 and under often cry for a bit, of course. Once calmed, though, they find the courage that lies just underneath their previous upset. We are sure to notice and comment on their bravery. Needless to say, an iPad or laptop playing a favorite episode or movie can help, too!

Sometimes a child will be more emotional when parents are present. If this is happening we find a way to ask the parents to let us talk with the child on our own so we can build what we call “a little trust bridge”. Some children are reassured when we show what the light on my head is for, or what the comb that We’ll use looks like, or what the cream we make with baking soda and conditioner smells like. Recently, we provided head lice treatment for a Staten Island family, and the children entertained me with stories of their adventures at the beach the whole time. Children experience that we are friendly and there to help the family. Most parents realize that temporarily leaving the immediate area where we’re working has nothing to do with their parenting. It’s simply that children have brave impulses inside that our calming presence can help to emerge. This is one of my favorite aspects of the job – to see the transformation that happens in a short time. Then we can solve the problem of head lice, together.

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