Head Lice Removal Products

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Head Lice Removal Products

Lice Free Noggins head lice removal products are made from natural, non-toxic ingredients and have proven effective in treating and removing head lice and nits,… and preventing re infestation.

DIY Head Lice Removal Kit – $40

DIY Head Lice Removal Kit
Looking for a natural and safe DIY head lice removal kit? Lice Free Noggins offers the same natural products we use to successfully treat our clients for purchase. Our DIY head lice removal kit contains:

– 1 8oz Lice Free Noggins Comb-Out Spray *
– 1 Lice Free Noggins Nit Terminator Comb

* An 8oz bottle can be used to treat up to 2 people. Additional Comb-Out Sprays can be purchased separately.

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Nit Terminator Comb – $15

Nit terminator head lice removal comb

Revolutionary stainless steel nit comb. Drags nits out and destroys them.

  • Safe and Effective.
  • Can be used by entire family.
  • Micro-grooved teeth are gentle on scalp and get every nit out!

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Comb-Out Spray – $30

DIY head lice removal kit. Nit comb and spray
Apply liberally onto scalp and hair. Comb through to spread oil evenly. For best results, apply a shower cap on and leave for a minimum of one hour. Remove cap, divide hair into several even sections, and apply hair conditioner of choice. Starting from the scalp, use a Lice Free Noggins Nit Terminator Comb to comb each section from every direction, as the nits could be attached to any side of the hair strand. Continue combing until no further lice and/or nits are visible. Repeat in 5-7 days. Minor scalp itching may occur.

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Kyolic Repellent Drops – $15

Kyolic Repellent Drops
Kyolic drops naturally repel head lice.

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