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Professional Lice Removal – Not as Expensive as You Think

It’s a fact of life. If your children go to school or camp, they will almost certainly end up with at least one case of head lice over the years. Many people are frequently surprised to learn that a service such as head lice removal exists. We oftentimes hear, “I didn’t even know that such a service is out there!” or “I don’t think I could afford such a service – it must be so expensive!”. One would be surprised to learn that in actuality, by using a head lice removal service such as Lice Free Noggins, you can save money. Let me explain why you should let Lice Free Noggins help you if you find yourself in a lousy situation.

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To give a better understanding on how a professional head lice removal service can help save money, I will use an average family of four as an example. Let’s say, one of the individuals has a positive case of lice. Statistics show that in a family where there is one case, there is an 85% chance of another family member having head lice too. Since the mere mention of head lice evokes a panic unlike any other, families find themselves running to the pharmacy and buying enough lice treatment kits to treat the whole neighborhood,….or at least one for every family member – just in case. Depending on the brand, over the counter head lice treatment kits cost $25-$50 each. This family of four just spent roughly $100-$200 on over the counter lice products.

If the family consulted a doctor for help with head lice, they had to pay for an office visit which costs anywhere from $125-$250. If a prescription lice treatment is recommended, this family will pay $150-$310 per prescription. Not only are these products filled with pesticides, but lice have become resistant to them due to the evolution of “Super Lice.” One prescription, Malathion, comes with a warning to avoid sun exposure after treatment due to the possibility of your hair starting a fire. Yes, you read that correctly!

Lice Free Noggins has been treating head lice for over 5 years. Throughout this time, we have successfully helped thousands of families. Yes, some of these families have previously treated head lice at home, on their own – when their infestations were extremely mild and yet to spread to the rest of the family member. However, most of the families that we have met were unsuccessful and have struggled anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 years trying to overcome head lice. These families have missed countless days of school, work, after school activities, social events, sports, and the list goes on and on and on. Feelings of frustration, fear, stress, depression, anger, and repulsion can all affect the dynamics of the family throughout this time. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through this for one day, let alone 3 weeks to 2 years! It sounds absolutely horrible and worst of all, unnecessary.

So what is the solution? At the first suspicion of head lice, or any potential contact with head lice, call US – Lice Free Noggins. Primarily, in most cases, we can help you accurately confirm a positive head lice infestation over the phone – free of charge. If a positive head lice case is confirmed, we will SUCCESSFULLY treat your family the first time and GUARANTEE to keep you lice free! A priceless peace of mind not to mention the freedom to not spend unnecessary hours cleaning what you don’t need to clean!

Let’s come back to our scenario, our sample family of four treated everyone in the family, just to be safe, costing $25-$310 per person. Mom missed 3 days of work trying to treat the family and clean the house. Our sample mom makes $40,000/year, so she lost approximately $500 in wages. Doctor visit cost $250. The family most likely threw away every hair accessory – comb, brush, hair ties, and maybe even the pillows – just in case. Replacing these items could cost anywhere from $50-$300, if not more. What’s the total? Over the counter lice kits for every family member: $100-$200, Doctor visit: $250, Prescription lice treatment kit: $150-$300 for each person positively diagnosed with head lice. Missed wages: $500, Replacing items thrown away: $50-$300 + Trying to tackle head lice on their own cost our sample family at minimum $872 – $1300. Because most families end up dealing with head lice for so long, this sample cost could go much higher.

LiceFreeNoggins Lice Treatment Service

How can Lice Free Noggins make your lice removal experience positive while saving your family time and money? After careful evaluation, we treat only the positive cases. There is absolutely no reason to treat an individual proactively. Our average head lice treatment takes approximately 1-1.5 hours, per person. In many scenarios, especially in families with young children, we find that 2 out of 4 family members have head lice . An average family of four spends roughly $150- $400 on our service. Our service not only removes all head lice and nits, but leaves the family with valuable education on how to prevent head lice in the future, what to clean within the house, a full guarantee, and best of all, a peace of mind. We are available daytime, evenings, weekends and holidays. There is no need to miss school, work, after school activities or social events! Our trained and certified staff is on stand by to provide the best, all natural head lice removal to your family.

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